Past Field Work


espinosa_esotter2013-2016: Elkhorn Slough Sea Otter Project! Monitored 25 wild sea otters in Elkhorn slough with daily re-sights, forage data, 12-24 hour activity budgets and bi-weekly distribution surveys. Scheduled and organized a team of 20 interns and volunteers from UCSC, ESNERR and MBA to help with the data collection.
2012: San Luis Obispo Sea Otter Project. Collected re-sight, forage, and activity budget data on 50 instrumented wild sea otters in SLO county, CA. Helped with the initial sea otter captures and with the final re-captures events.
mtlion2012: Determining the effects of non-motorized recreation on medium-large mammals in the San Francisco bay ecoregion.  I helped a PhD student set up camera traps to determine how the presence of humans effects large mammals trail use in parks throughout the bay area. Find out more about the research here.
MinkeWhale.jpg2011: Minke whale population surveys with Elding Whale Watching. I collected photo-ids of Minke whale dorsal fins to identify individuals and estimate population size. Using theodolites, whale swimming direction was measured to determine if/how whales responded to whale watching boats.

IMG_4837 copy2010: ARCHELON: the sea turtle protection society of Greece. I monitored loggerhead sea turtles in Greece by conducting beach surveys, tagging sea turtles and educating the public through presentations. Find out how you can help here.